Jun 29, 2021 Entertainment

Must-See Movies for College Students

College life is fun. It is the time that allows you to recognize your potential and find your way in life without worrying about every day tensions. You get the opportunity to make true friends, some of which stay in touch lifelong. The umpteen number of hours spent in the canteen, the fun of bunking lectures, hostel life, late-night studies, after-exam parties, unplanned trips with friends, and the chance to find your soul-mate, are all some of the elements that make college life so unique and special. Unfortunately, though, the Covid-19 crisis, which has brought the world down to its knees, has also robbed millions of the opportunity to experience the fun of being in college. With colleges and educational institutions shut indefinitely, and most lectures conducted online, it is getting increasingly frustrating for students not being able to enjoy what are supposed to be the best days of their lives. Thanks to the several movies revolving around college life streaming on Aha, college students can now sit back and watch college blockbuster movies online that help them enjoy the experience, at least virtually. For others, these movies serve as a reminder of the fun they used to have while in college.

Aha is an on-demand online video-streaming OTT platform that caters exclusively to the Telugu audience. Its vast selection of online content across genres like action, drama, romance, comedy, kids, etc., combined with excellent online streaming services, make it one of the most popular and must-have OTT platforms for all age groups.

Today’s section features two must-see movies for college students streaming on Aha. Let’s look at them in detail below.


The movie Anandam revolves around the story of 6 students, Akshay (Thomas Mathew), Arun( VarunKuriyan), Gautham (Roshan), Ramkee (Vishak), Dia (Siddhi), and Devi (Annu Antony). They embark on a college tour and get an opportunity to recognize their true selves in the process. The movie is about the several troubles they face on the trip, the love and affection they display for each other, and how they reinvent and rejuvenate themselves. The movie is a must-watch for its brilliant showcasing of the process of students exploring themselves and their obsession with western culture, which is so reminiscent of college days. It is a youthful entertainer that is sure to roll back the memory of your college days.


Husharu is a story of four friends who enjoy being in each other’s company. They have absolutely no goal to achieve and no idea of what life holds in store for them. When things seem to be going fine with all their energy and bravado, a personal setback to one turns their world upside down. Watch Husharu to find out the answers to questions like, What was the incident? How did the incident rock their lives? How did all of them rise above the incident to stand the test of their friendship?

Husharu is an engaging and spirited youthful drama that certainly deserves a watch. The movie’s humor quotient and the bonding between friends are a highlight that makes you nostalgic about your college days.

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